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Clear-Cut Computing Corp.
PO Box 369
Farmingdale, NY 11735

(516) 845-4081


Web Page Design and Internet Services

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  • Open your business up to the Internet.
  • Be available to your customers 24/7.
  • Do you need help improving or managing your website?
  • Are you unhappy with your current website or the service provided by your current web consultant?

We at Clear-Cut Computing offer a complete line of internet services. Leave the business of website creation and maintenance to us, and focus on your own business:

Our Web Services Include:
  • Web Page Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Scanning
  • Graphics (still or animated)
  • Video Transfers (VHS to MPEG)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Training
  • Business Integration
  • Marketing Your Website
  • Provider consultation
Get the reliability and the personal service of Clear-Cut Computing for your web hosting needs.

Web hosting packages for a
little as $20 per month!

  • 30 or more email accounts.
  • Ability to send automatic email responses to customers
  • Automatically forward your web site emails to any address.
  • Password protect any area of your site.
  • Traffic statistics (see how many visitors you've had).
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Clear-Cut Computing possesses an important edge over our competitors: our President, Paul J. Montenero, regularly teaches web design and web marketing to small and mid-sized businesses in seminars at various locations in Long Island, NY. Additionally, he teaches introductory courses to people learning how to use the Internet - this allows him to witness the types of web page designs that cause inexperienced visitors to turn away. Don't have a web site that is too complicated for your visitors, let us design a user-friendly site for you today!


Description Price
PACKAGE DEAL - 3 Page Web Site:
  • 4-5 photos per page.
  • 1500 words per page.
  • email link on every page.
  • Up to ten (5) hypertext links (including "mailto" links).
  • Domain Name registration (www.yourname.com).
  • Setup of web hosting space with EarthLink (monthly fee = $25 therafter).
  • Embedded keywords (improves search engine placement).
  • One-time registration of "home" page to more than 15 major search engines.
plus $25/month
thereafter for hosting
PACKAGE DEAL - Single Page Web Site:
  • 4-5 photos.
  • 1500 words.
  • email link.
  • Up to ten (5) hypertext links (including "mailto" links).
  • Domain Name registration (www.yourname.com).
  • Setup of web hosting space with EarthLink (monthly fee = $25 therafter).
  • Embedded keywords (improves search engine placement).
  • One-time registration with more than 15 major search engines.
plus $25/month
thereafter for hosting
Single Web Page (added to an existing site):
  • 1500 words or (2-3 "screen scrolls").
  • Two (2) graphics (clipart or photos –supplied by customer; ready for scanning).
  • Up to ten (5) hypertext links (including "mailto" links).
  • Meta tags for "keywords" and "description"
    (Keywords and Description supplied by customer).
$150 each
Form Page:
  • Collect information on-line using text input, drop-down lists, checkboxes and more
  • Includes employment of CGI emailing script
    Interactive "Calculator" Page:
    • Most common use is a mortgage loan interest calculator.
    • Other possibilities include: measurement conversion, sales tax, shipping cost, etc.

    Additional graphics or photos:
    • Customer supplied.
    • Either in electronic form or hard-copy ready for scanning.
    $25 each
    Photo scans:
    • Includes minor touch-ups (brightness adjusted).
    • Includes cropping of photo.
    $25 each
    Animated graphics or detailed Photo editing:
    • Make a graphic/text fade, transform, spin, etc.
    • Add some pizzazz to a photo or have it enhanced.
    $75 each
    Navigation Buttons:
    Instead of canned buttons, create a custom look for your site.
    • Create a set of graphical buttons.
    • Up to 10 buttons.
    • Graphic design with text superimposed on top.
    Custom Graphic Design:
    Using Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other graphic editing program, create a custom designed graphic, logo, photo montage, etc.
    Priced per request
    Digital Photography:
    • Setup items/subjects and take photo.
    • Adjust brightness.
    • Crop photo.
    *NOTE: if shooting photos requires us to travel to location, a $65 travel fee will be added per trip.
    $25/photo *
    • Make secure sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Design price depends on number of items listed on-line.
    • Additional monthly fees apply based on level of service and ISP.
    $500 and up
    Audio and Video:
    • We will transfer your music, sounds or videos to computer format.
    • You supply the cassette, CD, VHS or DVD.
    • We are not responsible for copyright infringements.
  • $75 setup
  • 1st 5 minutes included
  • $10/minute thereafter
  • File downloads:
    • You supply the file - we supply the link and programming to download it, or play it online.
    • Price lists, brochures, application forms, etc.
    • Background music or sound, video clips, other sound bytes, etc.
    $25 each
    Minor modification of a Page:
    • Changing a few words.
    • Change or repair a 2-3 links.
    • Etc.
    Major Modifications to a Page:
    • Changes of graphics.
    • Change page layout.
    • Large amount of additions or replacement text.
    • Etc.
                         Site Registration
    Register your site with all of the major search engines; check keyword popularity; make recommended changes (except Yahoo!).
    One-Time Registration $100/page
    Semi-Annual Registration $200/page/6mo
    Quarterly Registration (Our most popular!) $300/page/qtr
    Monthly Registration $400/page/mo
    Daily Registration
    (Note: only one page per site per day may be submitted)


    Yahoo! Registration $350/page
    General Consulting and Training:
    • Not sure how to best layout your site?
    • Confused with all of the options available to you or even how the internet works?

    Other services available include: Site analysis, Javascript programming, and more. If you don't see it, call us and ask!

    Clear-Cut Computing is a member of: The 
 HTML Writers Guild

    Rainbow line